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Quality estate planning in Lawrence.

With over 24 years experience, Daniel Covington can help with a Trust, a Pourover Will and a Durable Power of Attorney. Dan is a partner at the Petefish firm in Lawrence, Kansas. He is dedicated to creating a great estate plan for you, and he routinely helps people in a 50-mile radius of Lawrence, Kansas.

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Allow your Estate Plan to help you with:

  • making your estate simple for your family;
  • caring for yourself and your family during your life;
  • keeping control of your medical and financial decisions;
  • handling your assets the way you like and leaving the legacy you deserve.

Living Trust

Living Trusts are powerful, flexible, and you can amend them. Additionally, they allow you to continue to own and control your assets during life. Then, your Trust can privately and discretely continue to own and manage your assets, and pass them on, without probate. This can provide lifetime support of a survivor, lump sum distributions to those of your choosing, or maybe education for your grandchildren. On the whole, you will probably be surprised of the many benefits of a Trust.


Your Will

A traditional Last Will and Testament may be something familiar. It is a simple way to provide for distribution of your assets. While these likely involve probate later, Kansas provides some probate processes which can be completed in a matter of weeks, in some cases. With a Trust, however, you may want what we call a Pourover Will, which is just a precaution to fund assets into your Trust.


Durable Power of Attorney

Consider this: If you do no other estate planning, put a Durable Power of Attorney in place. To really help your family avoid needless trouble, you may execute a Durable Power of Attorney document for healthcare and/or business decisions. This simple document delegating powers can save your family from a lot of trouble. A cornerstone of a quality estate plan, it can save the hassle of guardianship and conservatorship. You do not want to learn the hard way, but those processes would involve giving notice to all interested parties and petitioning  the Court to appoint a trusted person to handle your affairs, in the unfortunate event your competence and capacity fade or a catastrophic accident occurs.

Experience and Planning You can Count On

The Petefish law firm has been helping Kansans since 1915. Put our reputation and experience to work for you.


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