Is Now Really the Most Convenient Time to Do an Estate Plan?

Is now really the most convenient time to do an Estate Plan? For many people it seems to I, yes. Let’s talk about why:

  1. First Meeting:

Typically, it may take a bit to get together for our first meeting, since clients are often couples who have to compare their schedules and find time to come in to meet.

Right now, since we’re not meeting in person, we can do our first consult by telephone. If you are slightly more daring, we can always use Zoom, Facetime or other conferencing tools. But, that’s only if you want something other than telephone.

2. I Draft Your Estate Plan:

I will do your drafting, and maybe follow up with you for a few details. Whether we are in a social-distancing environment or not, this means I may email, call or text you with a question. AND RIGHT NOW, aren’t you spending more time with your family? So, where normally you may need a day or so to find a minute to talk and get back to me, these days, you may be right there with your family. It could not be more convenient, since you are seeing your family more hours per day.

3. You Sign Your Estate Plan:

Again, in the routine environment, we might have to coordinate your schedules so that you can get in to the firm office at the same time for a few minutes to sign documents. BUT FOR NOW WE CAN REMOTELY NOTARIZE AND WITNESS. This means we can get on Facetime or Zoom or other audio-video conferencing, and you can sign from home. Yes, you sign we witness the process via audio-video, and then we can sign later that we witnessed, and we can notarize your documents.

Is now really the most convenient time to do an Estate Plan? For a lot of people, I believe, yes it is.

I can’t wait to help you out. Click on the link for information to call or set-up a telephone consult — and the consult is on the house.