What’s the result? Why is it SO NICE to have your estate plan done?

What’s the result? Why is it so nice to have your estate plan done? Your plan is there for you, avoids probate, and provides a legacy.

Your Plan will be ready to take care of you and your family DURING your life. In case you would lose capacity or become disabled:

  • your plan names someone to care for you
  • you nominate someone to care for your kids
  • assets are accessible to support you (and your kids)

Also, avoid probate for your family:

  • save time
  • reduce expenses and attorney fees
  • avoid needing court involvement and supervision in distributing your estate

Importantly, provide your assets as a legacy, rather than something to be dealt with:

  • support your family after your passing
  • provide support for children until an age you select, when you think they will be ready for a lump sum
  • set aside funds to be used for post-secondary education or training
  • leave a legacy for those with whom you share your life

So, how do you get it done? Mostly you:

  • see an estate planning attorney
  • talk about what you want and answer some questions
  • sign the documents

What’s the result? Why is it so nice to have your estate plan done? You have seen the many great reasons, for you, and for your family. It is really very simple to get this done. And, your part is easy.

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